Time Management Habits to Increase Your Daily Productivity

Time Management Habits to Increase Your Daily Productivity

Success needs hard work and proper management, the most important one is time management.

When you do something and realize that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything that you need to accomplish, but if you want to achieve far more than others in a shorter amount of your time, you need to improve and understand the time management habits and skills.

Nowadays the world is full of distractions. You have social media, notifications, news updates, messages, and something that depends on your family needs like work responsibilities, and budgeting your money.

All we need to do is a proper time management strategy that manages the work more efficiently.

Time management is very important, it’s tough though. But we need to manage our time so that our workload will become easier and we get the time for ourselves.

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What is time management if we understand it properly? Time management means how you schedule your work and organize your time for various activities.

There are many alternative tools, and techniques to help you get more done in less time.

List of 13 Best Time Management Habits 

13 time management Habits describe under this image

Time is the most precious resource. It’s the most valuable thing that we have and can be used as per our requirements.

It’s irreplaceable, perishable, and it can’t be saved. It can only be rearranged from the activities of lower value to the activities of higher value.

Time management has various benefits in our lives that help us to achieve success.

Here are the 13 Best Time Management habits that we all should follow 24 hours to change our lives.

1. Defining your purpose: Sometimes you ask yourself what you want to achieve in life? Then the first step in effective time management is always keeping your eye on the prize.

The clearer you’re about, the easier it will be to realize, it’ll be to ignore the distractions that don’t contribute to the accomplishment of your goals.

To implement this time management technique start by sitting down and giving a touch of deep thought about what drives you.

What are you passionate about? What goals do you want to achieve?

Once you answer those questions, begin to interrupt the resulting goal into a smaller task.

This is often your roadmap to success and your initiative ineffective time management. 

2. Remove interruptions: Interruptions are one of the biggest obstacles to your productivity.

Many researchers revealed that the average office worker is interrupted every three minutes and five seconds on the average range.

It can take approximately 23 minutes and 15 seconds to completely regain your focus and get back to where you started.

Well, fewer interruptions in time management will drastically increase your productivity.

So immediately eliminate all of the apparent distractions. Turn your phone to ‘do not disturb mode’, find a quiet place to figure out the things that bother you, and try to fix them. 

3. Do one thing at a time: Multitasking is not always good. Because when we multitask work, we believe that we are getting more work done, but this is not true.

Here are a couple of facts you should keep in mind about multitasking:

  • When you multitask what you’re doing is making your brain rapidly switch from one task to another task at the same time.
  • When you rapidly switch from one task to the subsequent you don’t allow yourself to get in the zone on either task which may drastically lower the quality of your work.
  • Since you don’t allow yourself to get in the zone once you try to complete two or more tasks at a time, it can take you 50% longer and longer to finish each task compared to if you focused on them individually. 

4. Set deadlines: If you set deadlines for the task, then the task will be completed on time.

If you give a task two hours instead of one, the amount of work you need to do to accomplish the task will simply expand to fill the complete two hours.

Take another time to check out your time audit and identify those tasks that took longer than you expected then set a time constraint on those tasks.

By setting time limits you’ll improve your focus and work more efficiently.

You’ll also avoid scope creep: the expansion of a project that happens when duties aren’t well-defined or controlled. 

5. Stay focused on your priorities: Creating a to-do list is a great step that you take to increase your productivity and time management skills. It’s essentially your road map to daily success.

Keep your daily focus on accomplishing the tasks on your to-do list.

The more things you check off your list the closer you get to achieving your goals. Start by completing the most important task first than others.

6. Plan your week on Sunday: Walking into your workweek with a plan, doesn’t it sound good. It will help you to focus on your top priorities.

It also eases the workload from the carefree weekend mindset to a productive Monday morning work brain.

Take a couple of minutes on Sunday to make a plan for your whole week. It will raise your chances of success by breaking down your weekly goals into daily tasks. That way you will be ready to see what you need to do daily at a glance.

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7. Complete your most important tasks first: For most people, the first few morning work hours are the most productive time of work.

Maybe it’s true because you’ll focus more easily when your brain is not fully awake, which means in the morning.

In the morning you have less excess energy for daydreaming and worrying about other tasks.

Use this to your advantage and take on your most mentally demanding tasks the very first thing after awakening.

8. Set defined goals and follow a schedule: Everything we do, we do for a reason, and the ultimate purpose is to achieve a goal.

If you do not set defined targets or don’t set expectations, you’re bound to stumble off track.

You can always create SMART goals for yourself, or your team, which will help you see things through.

Once you begin implementing meaningful and targeted goals, you’ll have a higher chance of achieving them.

9. Take some time for Exercise: You do understand that time management is about managing yourself, right? And to get the most out of your days, you need to ensure that you have the energy to go through daily.

Therefore, make it a habit to take care of your overall well-being. Time Management Habits are basically about energy management.

You can’t produce great work if you’re always tired and sleepy. To get the energy you need to do exercise daily so that you feel fresh all day.

10. Track Your Time: Tracking time is a great time management habit, especially if you discover yourself at the end of the day, wondering where your 8 hours have gone.

When you track your time, you will get greater insight on how long things may take (for example, it takes an hour to write down a blog post, so track your time and look that how much time you took to write), which results in better planning, which ends up in greater productivity, which leads to a happier you.

11. Work while waiting or commuting: Waiting somewhere or commuting to work, could seem like the time we’re certain to waste, but we can use this time to advance our work.

We most likely carry our phone, tablet, or probably even our laptop with us wherever we go, so we can do some work during tedious waits and commutes.

Just pick less important tasks, those that perform with limited resources, and begin working.

For example, you can use this time to do some important work like reading a proposal and conduct simple research for your next project.

12. Take breaks: Breaks are as important as work. Breaks might seem like a waste of time or being delayed to finishing more in less time, but they help you concentrate as you’re able to re-charge when you feel tired and unfocused.

If you were to continue working until you’re finished a task, you’d risk burnout caused by overwork.

Also, you risk rushing an assignment or project, which might end in time-consuming rewrites and revisions later.

 So 5-10 min. breaks are necessary for every 2 hours of work to feel energized and refreshed.

13. Organize your workspace: Organising things is a very good habit. Knowing where all of your important files, folders, and documents are, will save a lot of your time you’d otherwise spend trying to find them.

Always ensure that you keep your important documents close to you so that you will easily find time whenever needed like either in drawers or on your desk. Arrange everything by type and topic, and keep related documents together.

Importance of Time Management 

There are various benefits and importance of time management. Some of them are:

Deliver works on time: Having good time management skills doesn’t mean that you pull all-nighters to finish a deadline.

This means you manage your time effectively and deliver the work on time.

According to the research, many people get insufficient or low-quality sleep and report that this interferes with their daily lives.

You should have a good night’s sleep if you want to produce quality work, good time management skills will assist you to get the rest you need. 

More productivity and efficiency: There is no secret behind that good time management skills will make you more productive and efficient.

These skills help finish tasks as early as possible without compromising on the quality of your work.

Your overall productivity depends on when you’re working on some unimportant tasks but effective time management skills allow you to mark those tasks that are both important and urgent on time. 

Less stress and anxiety: Employees feel stressed due to an excessive amount of work on their plates. This can not only reduce your productivity but also take a toll on your overall health.

Excessive stress and hypertension can cause various diseases such as heart diseases, depression, obesity, and more.

By knowing what to do can reduce unnecessary stress and tensions in your life. 

Improved quality of work: Effective time management skills don’t just benefit your professional life but can also impact your life outside of the office.

If you keep things under control most important time management, you will get more time to focus on your personal life and relationships.

Once you feel calmer and less stressed, your quality of life improves automatically. 

Enhances your decision-making ability: Time management skills will help you to decrease your stress and get enough sleep.

It impacts the quality of your decisions making ability and, in turn, affects almost every aspect of your life.

Through effective time management, you’ll be able to avoid making the poor decisions that you make when you’re feeling stressed, tired, or pressured.

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Improves your self-discipline: If you have proper time management skills, the probabilities are that you’re highly self-disciplined.

You will become the kind of person who stops procrastination dead in its tracks and drives forward to attain your goals.

Similarly, the better you are at time management, the better your self-discipline is going to be. This will make you more successful in your life in all fields of work. 


If you want to increase your daily productivity, these 13 habits will help you achieve your goals and help make your work better and easier.

Effective time management plays a vital role in your relationships and professional life.

The better you set your time according to your schedule, the more you will get time for yourselves.

Just understand the importance of time management in your life and see the change by yourself.

All of these habits and the importance of time management will help you be more productive.

But to add all of them to your daily routine is maybe a bad idea. Instead, you need to do an experiment and see what works for you.

Try this for one week and track your results. Does checking do it work or not?


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