Science Stream Career Options In 2024

science stream career options

After finishing 12th grade, kids need to choose the right job path. People who chose the science stream should pay extra attention to this.

Because there are so many choices, it’s essential to know the different job routes that are out there.

This article will discuss the various science stream career options in 2024. It can give students a complete map to help them in their future efforts.

Subjects in Science Stream

When you are in high school, the science stream covers a wide range of topics.

These are the building blocks for many job possibilities. Usually, the main subjects are:

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  • Physics: This class looks at the basic rules that control matter and energy and how they interact with each other. It talks about things like thermodynamics, electricity, magnets, and physics. It gives you the skills to work in engineering, physics, and other related fields.
  • Chemistry: Chemistry studies things, including their composition, interactions, and qualities. It is essential to know how things work at the molecular level. It’s best for people who want to work in environmental science, health, pharmacology, or chemical engineering.
  • Biology: Biology is the field that studies living things. It includes their shape, how they work, how they grow, and how they change over time. It is necessary for jobs in science, engineering, healthcare, and protecting the environment.
  • Mathematics: Math is an essential subject for thinking critically and solving problems. It helps people get jobs in physics, engineering, computer science, and business.
  • Computer Science: Students will learn about computing, algorithms, and data structures in this class. It’s becoming increasingly crucial for technological jobs, software creation, data analysis, and AI.

Career Option After 12th PCB

There are many job possibilities for students who have studied Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Here are eight excellent science stream career options after 12th PCB.

Career OptionDuration of CourseFeesEligibility
Medicine (MBBS)5.5 years₹10-20 lakhs (Govt.), ₹50-80 lakhs (Private)12th PCB, NEET
Dentistry (BDS)5 years₹5-15 lakhs (Govt.), ₹20-50 lakhs (Private)12th PCB, NEET
Pharmacy (B.Pharm)4 years₹3-10 lakhs12th PCB, Entrance Exam
Nursing (B.Sc Nursing)4 years₹1-3 lakhs (Govt.), ₹5-10 lakhs (Private)12th PCB, Entrance Exam
Biotechnology (B.Tech/B.Sc)4 years₹5-15 lakhs12th PCB, Entrance Exam
Microbiology (B.Sc)3 years₹1-4 lakhs12th PCB
Veterinary Science (B.V.Sc)5 years₹5-10 lakhs12th PCB, Entrance Exam
Forensic Science (B.Sc)3 years₹1-4 lakhs12th PCB

1. Medicine (MBBS)

The study, care, and prevention of diseases are all part of medicine, a very recognized field.

The MBBS degree gives students all the medical information and practical skills they need to work as doctors.

2. Dentistry (BDS)

Dentistry is the field that studies and treats tooth problems and takes care of people’s oral health. When you get your BDS, you can work as a dentist legally.

They can do surgeries and cosmetic treatments and help people clean their teeth.

3. Pharmacy (B.Pharm)

Pharmacology blends health sciences with chemical sciences to ensure safe and successful drug use.

Graduates with a B.Pharm work in various healthcare situations, making drugs, writing prescriptions, and guiding patients.

4. Nursing (B.Sc Nursing)

Giving care and support to patients in hospitals, clinics, and the community is what nursing is all about.

Students who get a B.Sc. in nursing learn how to become licensed nurses. They learn how to care for patients, do medical treatments, and teach people about health.

5. Biotechnology (B.Tech/B.Sc)

Biotechnology combines nature and technology to create new ways of doing things. Research, genetic engineering, and drug creation are all jobs in this area.

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6. Microbiology (B.Sc)

The field of microbiology looks at germs and how they affect people, animals, plants, and the world.

Microbiologists work in hospitals, study labs, and in fields like biotechnology and drugs.

7. Veterinary Science (B.V.Sc)

The field of veterinary science studies how to take care of animals’ health. Veterinarians are people who have a B.V.Sc.

They find out what’s wrong with animals, treat them, do surgeries, and work to improve their health and well-being.

8. Forensic Science (B.Sc)

Forensic Science uses scientific ideas to determine what happened and examine the proof.

Forensic scientists work in crime labs, police departments, and courts. They give investigators important information during illegal investigations.

Career Option After 12th PCM

There are also a lot of job opportunities for students who have studied Physics, Chemistry, and Math. Here are the eight top career options after 12th science PCM:

Career OptionDuration of CourseFeesEligibility
Engineering (B.Tech/B.E)4 years₹5-15 lakhs12th PCM, JEE Main/Advanced
Architecture (B.Arch)5 years₹5-15 lakhs12th PCM, NATA/JEE Main Paper 2
Computer Science (B.Sc)3 years₹3-8 lakhs12th PCM
Physics (B.Sc)3 years₹1-4 lakhs12th PCM
Aviation (Pilot Training)2-3 years₹20-50 lakhs12th PCM, Entrance Exam
Merchant Navy (B.Sc Nautical Science)3 years₹10-20 lakhs12th PCM, Entrance Exam
Data Science (B.Sc)3 years₹5-10 lakhs12th PCM
Robotics (B.Tech/B.E)4 years₹5-15 lakhs12th PCM, Entrance Exam

1. Engineering (B.Tech/B.E)

One of the jobs that PCM students want to do the most is engineering. It includes a lot of different fields of study, like Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Computer Science, and more.

As problem-solvers, engineers plan, build, and care for technologies, buildings, and systems that improve our lives.

2. Architecture (B.Arch)

You’ll be responsible for planning and creating buildings and other structures as an engineer. Architects are creative and know a lot about how things work.

They make helpful, safe, and lovely places to look at. The class covers environmental studies, building construction, and architecture design.

3. Computer Science (B.Sc)

Computer science is the field that studies computers, programs, and how to handle information. Making software and hardware tools is what this field is all about.

After graduating, people can work in ethical hacking, data analysis, software development, and artificial intelligence.

4. Physics (B.Sc)

For a Bachelor of Science in Physics, you will learn about matter, energy, and the primary powers of nature.

People with physics degrees can work in study, education, engineering, and technology.

Those who want to understand the rules that govern the world should study this area.

5. Aviation (Pilot Training)

To work in flight, you must go through school to become a commercial pilot.

For this, you need to have a lot of training in handling airplanes, finding your way, and following safety rules.

Pilots can work for business planes, cargo companies, or independently. 

6. Merchant Navy (B.Sc Nautical Science)

Working on business ships that carry items worldwide is part of the Merchant Navy. A degree in Nautical Science includes navigating, running a ship, and following sea rules.

The Merchant Navy offers exciting, well-paid jobs with the chance to visit the world.

7. Data Science (B.Sc)

Data science uses computer science, statistics, and math to get valuable information from large amounts of data.

Data scientists look at massive data sets to help businesses make intelligent choices.

Many fields, like banking, healthcare, and technology, need people with skills in this area.

8. Robotics (B.Tech/B.E)

Robotics engineering studies how to create, build, and run robots. This field brings together computer science, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering.

Robotics experts work in fields like healthcare, manufacturing, and automation.

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Conclusion: Top University

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Q1. Is 80% enough for the science stream?

Yes, 80% is usually enough to get a job in the science field. This number is good enough for most schools and universities. But entrance tests and course standards may call for better grades.

Q2. What is the best career option in the science stream?

The best science stream career options depend on your interests. PCM students like engineering more than MBBS, while PCB students like it more. You could also go with biotechnology, computer science, or data science.

Q3. Which job has the highest salary in science?

The best-paying jobs are in medicine, especially for doctors and surgeons. Data science, AI, and software engineering jobs pay extraordinarily well in the tech industry. There are also big salaries in aerospace engineering and nanotechnology.

Q4. Which stream is best in science?

There are some good things about both PCB and PCM. PCB is suitable for people who are interested in medicine and life sciences. The physical sciences and engineering are great places to use PCM. Which stream is best relies on your job goals and interests.

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