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career options after 12th science pcm

After finishing the 12th standard in the Science stream with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM), students sometimes find themselves at a crossroads in the ever-changing world of employment possibilities.

Their career paths depend heavily on the choices made at this pivotal moment. Students have many unique career options after 12th Science PCM, and this post will try to illuminate some of those paths.

All About Career Options After 12th Science PCM

One can take a wide variety of career options after 12th PCM. Students in this academic track have a solid grounding in the hard sciences by concentrating on math, physics, and chemistry. One may establish numerous job avenues with the 12th Science PCM.

Among them are more established disciplines, such as engineering and architecture, and more modern ones, such as data analytics, AI, and cybersecurity.

Students can’t make educated decisions on their futures without first mastering the nuances of this academic track. It lays the groundwork for vast potential in STEM fields.

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What is the 12th Science PCM?

Students enrolled in the 12th Science stream who major in PCM will have a solid grounding in mathematics and basic scientific ideas. Students interested in the physical sciences, engineering, and technology tend to gravitate toward this academic path. Students receive a solid grounding by thoroughly studying Math, Physics, and Chemistry.

They are well-equipped for many career options after 12th PCM. Engineering, R&D, computer science, architecture, and other specific branches of science fall under this category. The Science PCM curriculum in 12th grade prepares students for many exciting and challenging jobs.

List of Career Options After 12th Science PCM

Students often reach a crossroads after finishing 12th grade with PCM when they must make meaningful choices about their future professions. Students have exciting career options after 12th PCM. These twenty-one courses available to students can help them choose the correct path:

  1. Aerospace Engineering
  2. Civil Engineering
  3. Computer Science Engineering
  4. Mechanical Engineering
  5. Chemical Engineering
  6. Electronics and Communication Engineering
  7. Mathematics and Computing
  8. Biotechnology
  9. Architecture
  10. Environmental Science
  11. Chemistry (Honors)
  12. Physics (Honors)
  13. Mathematics (Honors)
  14. Statistics
  15. Geology
  16. Actuarial Science
  17. Robotics Engineering
  18. Astrophysics
  19. Astronomy
  20. Nanotechnology
  21. Computer Applications

Students can focus on their areas of interest through each course’s distinct curriculum. They can use it as a springboard to successful employment in various fields. People can discover the best career options after 12th PCM that suit their interests and goals, thanks to the varied nature of these courses.

Career Options After 12th Science PCM

Best Career Options You Can Choose After 12th

Choosing the correct career options after 12th Science PCM might be somewhat challenging. Courses at IIS University provide a wide range of topics, allowing students to pursue their passions and advance their careers. Take a look at these eleven intriguing choices:

1. Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)

A lucrative profession in healthcare is available to those with a BPT degree who are interested in increasing and maintaining physical mobility. After finishing, individuals have various job options, including working in private offices, rehabilitation institutions, or hospitals. Beginning physiotherapists might expect an annual compensation of around INR 4 to 6 lakhs.

2. B.Sc. Hons.-Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Students can explore the dynamic technology sector by integrating data analytics and artificial intelligence with this curriculum. Career options after 12th PCM in machine learning and data-driven decision-making are available to graduates. Appointments to the data analyst role often begin at a pay range of INR 5-7 lakhs per annum.

3. B.Sc. Hons.-Forensic Science

Enthrallingly, forensic science is the intersection of science and the investigation of criminal cases. Forensic science graduates have various career options, including those in the legal system, forensic laboratories, and crime scenes. An entry-level forensic scientist may expect to earn between 3 and 5 lakhs Indian rupees (INR) annually.

4. B.Sc. Hons.-Multimedia & Animation

The best career options after 12th PCM in animation and multimedia are in great demand due to the expanding entertainment sector. Graphic design, animation, and multimedia creation are the talents that students will acquire in this course. A multimedia artist may expect to earn an annual income of around INR 3–5 lakhs.

5. B.Sc. Fashion Design

A career in fashion design is waiting for those with an eye for style and inventiveness. Join the glitzy fashion world with this curriculum that teaches you all about design, materials, and the fashion industry. A fashion designer’s typical annual starting pay is between three and five lakhs Indian rupees.

6. B.Sc. Jewellery Design & Technology

Career options after 12th PCM in the specialized art of jewelry creation require artistic vision and technical proficiency. As the demand for one-of-a-kind and creative jewelry continues to rise, graduates can find work in the field. A jewelry designer may expect to earn an annual income of around INR 3–5 lakhs.

7. Web Design & Technology

In the modern digital environment, web design is a critical skill. This course’s concentration on programming, user experience design, and website production will benefit students who want to pursue jobs in web development and design. One may expect to earn between three and five lakhs INR per year as a web developer.

8. Cyber Law

The need for attorneys knowledgeable in cyber law is rising with the number of cybercrimes. Possibilities in government agencies, business legal departments, law firms, and online law schools are all covered in this course. An entry-level cyber lawyer may expect to earn between INR 4 and 6 lakhs annually.

9. Tourism and Airline Management

Travel, hospitality, and airline operations are all intricate parts of the ever-changing subject of tourism and airline management. Exploring the commercial aspects of the travel sector is among the best career options after 12th PCM.

They become experts in running airlines, creating schedules, and ensuring passengers have beautiful trips. A tourist manager may expect to start their career with an annual compensation of around INR 3–5 lakhs.

10. Remote Sensing & GIS

Geographic information systems and remote sensing are essential for environmental surveillance, urban planning, and disaster management.

Prospective employment for graduates includes research institutes and commercial and public entities. Starting salaries for remote sensing specialists typically range from four to six lakhs Indian rupees (INR) annually.

11. Tax Procedure & Tax Planning

This course delves deeply into tax laws, processes, and planning, catering to students looking for the best career options after 12th PCM interested in finance and taxes.

Tax consultants, financial analysts, and positions inside tax departments are all viable options for graduates. An entry-level tax consultant may expect to earn between four and six lakhs Indian rupees (INR) annually.

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How to Choose the Best Career Option?

Best Career Options You Can Choose After 12th Science PCM

Choosing a career after 12th PCM is a significant decision that requires in-depth introspection. Here are some guidelines to assist you in making this crucial decision:

> Research About Courses

Do your homework on the available courses before starting your tour. Investigate each program in depth to learn about its courses, concentrations, and the abilities it teaches.

Find out what jobs students can expect from each major and what kinds of businesses usually hire those with those degrees. During this research period, you will get insights into each choice’s relevant academic and professional environments.

> Identify Your Interest

Take stock of your interests, strengths, and passions while choosing the best career options after 12th PCM. Consider your interests and what brings you happiness. It’s critical to determine your interests initially to ensure that your academic and professional pursuits reflect your genuine interests.

Finding happiness and success in your chosen profession is more likely if you devote your efforts to things that genuinely excite you.

> Understand the Future Scopes

Think about more than just the here and now; investigate the potential of each job path in detail. Research current trends, demand in the labor market, and projected growth in various industries. Make sure your chosen field can adapt to changing technological, business, and societal landscapes so you can progress in it.

> Align Your Interests With the Courses

Finding a way to combine your hobbies with the courses you’re interested in is the next step after discovering your career after 12th PCM.

Seek courses that both satisfy your immediate needs and prepare you for future challenges. Ask yourself how the different classes will play to your interests and talents. Your academic objectives and personal tastes will harmonize in this way.

> Speak to Professionals

Meet people already making a living in the industries you’re considering entering. To learn about other professions’ ins and outs, ask for informative interviews or attend networking events. Advice and insights from experts can be invaluable. They may have insights that aren’t available in scholarly articles.


Students have a wide variety of career options after 12th Science PCM. Future outcomes are highly dependent on decisions taken at this pivotal juncture. As a result, going in the direction of one’s interests and goals is essential.

It becomes clear that the IISU (Deemed to be a university), Jaipur, is the best girls’ university to pursue these varied professions. The enabling atmosphere at IISU is centered on women’s empowerment, which fosters learning and development.

Thus, it is an ideal option for ambitious individuals who aspire to achieve greatness in their respective industries. Discover all that IISU has to offer and set yourself on the path to a prosperous and satisfying professional life.

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