How To Prepare For Competitive Exams: 12 Exam Preparation Tips For 2021

How To Prepare For Competitive Exams- 12 Exam Preparation Tips For 2021

In the Indian education system, the board examinations for classes 10th and 12th are considered to be the most basic building blocks for shaping the future of a student and their developmental skills. The pattern and assessment criteria for these exams have changed time and again to form the students ready for extensive education.

Similarly, Competitive exams are way harder to crack but a correct strategy and good approach is the key to qualify any competitive exam that a candidate aspires to crack. Lots of candidates applied for the competitive exams but few of them are selected. Why? Because those selected candidates are more passionate about their future and did effective study tips for their exam.

At the exam time, students would be very busy with the study of the complete course and planning for effective revision before exams. They might be under huge pressure to perform well in their exams. But this extensive pressure will ultimately lead to anxiety and stress.

In this blog, we’ll share some Exam Preparation Tips for the exam, to make effective and organized preparations for the competitive exam and class 12th. These tips will surely help you to reduce all the exam stress and increase your chances to grab scores more in exams.

How To Prepare For Competitive Exams At Home?

 Most of the candidates join coaching classes for the preparation of competitive exams but many students aren’t able to join coaching classes. It’s possible to can crack competitive examinations without any coaching but with the assistance of self-study. In this blog, you will be able to have a close guide on how to prepare for a competitive exam at home and what are the exam preparation tips.

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  • Understand the syllabus: The first prior thing that always should focus on is understanding the syllabus first. Any competitive examination has a defined syllabus together just like the previous year papers for exam pattern and difficulty level but some have a difference in the previous syllabus. First, bear the notification of any examination then go through the past year’s papers so that you’ll be able to get to know what you’re getting into. 
  • Fix weekly targets and achieve them: Target and challenges are something that brings excitement to our boring life. When you go to coaching classes, they use to do weekly tests and some activities to which you feel different but in terms of studies. Setting a weekly target and trying to achieve them will help to score more in exams. 
  • Prepare an effective daily-study schedule: If you’re doing self-study at your home, it’s vital to possess a set routine and more important is to follow it without fail. Make a proper routine and keep track of your preparation at the least times. Avoid distractions and follow your goals. 
  • Refer to standard study material: You must focus on quality instead of quantity. You should focus on looking at one book more than once instead of referring to over one book. pick up a standard book and undergo it multiple times. it’ll clarify the concept for you. 
  • Be positive & confident: Positive mind and positive feelings are most necessary to study. If your mind is relaxed you can study for hours, but if you have distractions then it will not last long. Be more confident about yourself, believe in yourself that you can do anything.


12 Exam Preparation Tips For 2021

Board examinations have always been very stressful in the career of a student. Good preparation for the 12th board examination can lower down the stress effectively. With a proper study and the study material, any student can score more. Here we are providing some final exam study tips in the subsequent part of this text that will assist you to get the most effective score in your 12th examination.

1. First, know the complete syllabus and Exam Pattern: If you want to study for any exam, syllabus and exam pattern is the most necessary part which needs attention first. You can easily analyze various chapters in an exceedingly better way by identifying out the latest marking scheme and weightage of the exam.

We might prefer you to go for those chapters from where maximum questions are going to be there in the exam as this may help you to boost your score.

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You should make a list of topics that you simply are aware of, or you will find it easy, and separate those topics which you think are tough. In your study plan, divide your time and give longer time to the tough topics and less time to the simpler topics.

2. Start Preparation early: It is the most effective study tip. You should prepare yourself for the exam as soon as possible because if you delay, it will take a long time to cover the syllabus and it will not be good for you to score high.

Many students don’t study or neglect their studies in the early stages of their class, and they eventually lessen their chance to make in-depth concepts of the topics and find it difficult to get good marks.

Students think they have a lot of time and will start studying when the exams are nearby. Well, this is not the correct way to prepare. You need to plan your preparation carefully and follow the Exam Preparation Tips strictly. Everyone must make it a daily routine study plan to implement the preparation and study accordingly.

3. Make the Right study plan: Correct study plan is the key to score high in the board exams. You need to make a proper study plan, implement these plans, and follow them properly. You purchased lots of books and study materials for your study but you don’t know where to start. You should prioritize the chapters which have more weightage in exams and easier first, and others in the latter.

You should set a particular time based on the topic of the subject and try to finish it at that particular time. Make your study plans in such a way that you will not gonna feel it’s hectic. You should provide some rest to your body and mind after continuous study of 1 or 2 hours based on your capacity. So you’ll be able to avoid fatigue while studying.

4. Be specific & break into achievable targets: We all know that the syllabus or the board exams are vast. You need to focus on one thing at a time to try to complete it at that time only. Do not make a complex study plan, always divide it with a time set and break it into achievable targets for Class 12. Make the study easier and make sure you can complete it as per the set target.

Give equal time to those subjects which you find difficult and complete in portions. Set a daily target for yourself either daily or weekly and try to achieve it. Apart from your school portions, you have to study a little extra in your exams if you have more time.

5. Take breaks from time to time: Breaks are equally important because when you study regularly your body and brains get tired and they need rest to work properly. Even a small break gives enough energy to study properly for a long time. We think that the work should be finished soon, whatever time it takes but we do not think about our body, it also needs rest.

Similarly with studies even if we sit and study in one place but that does not mean that our body is not tired. While studying our brain function is much faster, so it needs to be relaxed for only 10-15 minutes to break every hour or 2 hours after completion of studying will help you make yourself refresh and relax.

6. Don’t have too much on your plate: Positively train your brain, and don’t load it with plenty of opinions. Be clear in your mind and don’t stress yourself to hide things that are outside your reach. Make doable targets for every day. don’t plan to study all in one day. Try taking some time and assign your revision consequently. Out of all the subjects try to pick up 2 or 3 subjects and choose two topics from each subject and likewise enter the depths of the topics, rather than browsing all the topics directly.

7. Change your plans if you don’t feel good: You should remember and keep in mind that the study plan has not been fixed for the entire year. You can change the plans as per your preference after knowing your improvement in speed and managing time.

So, it’s advised to use a pencil while preparing a study plan for the class 12 Board exams. Change it when you think this might not be enough. You hardly get 5-6 hours to study at home after school. So plan it wisely. don’t make it messy. Make a clean target study plan for class 12 which you feel good about after reading.

8. Stay focused and avoid distractions: While you’re studying, you must cut yourself from the source of distractions like smartphones, Social Media, and all. If it’s adding value to your study like all curriculum-related videos from YouTube, then you should watch it. But confirm that you just have set a specific time for that.

If you keep one’s eyes off from distractions, it’ll be easy for you to concentrate properly on the study. You should stay focused on your study as much as possible. So you’ll easily eliminate the source of distractions. 

9. Stay healthy and do some exercise: You should eat hygienic food and avoid outside food not only in exams but daily. Because a healthy body and a healthy mind will relax your body and you will be ready for doing anything whether it’s exam preparation or any competition perpetration.

You should eat a good diet with some exercise and enough sleep. Otherwise, you may get sick before the main examination or from the duration of the exam. Exercise is crucial for our health and our mind. It gives positive energy to our body.

10. Learn time management and follow a proper schedule: Go to bed early, rise in the morning, have breakfast, and then back to study. Don’t try to be too late and avoid worrying about any counter-productive moments, be focused, and keep preparing for the most important day i.e. exam.

Take away some time for rest and not worry about the exams. Play, Read, sleep, eat, or whatever you are feeling that takes your eyes off the exams. Manage the time for all the work like more time for study and less time for other things like eating, sleeping, playing, having fun. Time management is very important to boost your speed and enhance your score.

11. Solved samples papers: It is often said and has been observed that there’s nothing better than practice because practice makes a man perfect. Try to solve one sample question paper each day from 10 am to 1 pm or 1 pm to 4 pm in a suitable environment near to what you’re getting to expect at your exam center. Select a unique topic for each of the five/six days. Assess manually at the end of the week, check out your strong and weak areas, and take a look at them to resolve them in the weeks to follow.

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12. Revision is most important: To complete the study in time is equally important, as revision is more important in your study. Revision is just like a full and final touch to your study. Do not wait to end the whole syllabus to revise. Select your weekend day or any day you prefer, because the best day you choose for your regular revision is all about your preparation for the exam to whatever you’ve studied during the whole week. Complete your all subject around 2 months before the final board examination, so that you may revise again.

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