Advantages of MBA Dual Specialization Programs in India

Advantages of MBA Dual Specialization Programme in India

MBA (Masters in Business Administration) is one of the most favorable courses among the students when it comes to seeking a postgraduate degree. As the awareness increases to the post-graduation courses, more awareness among prospective students is leading up to a new liking for the dual specialization program.

Let’s take the example of the present generation, MBA dual specialization is the more preferable and gives a new dimension to management studies. It’s becoming quite easy to be an entrepreneur with degrees that cater to multifaceted subjects.

For anyone who wants to experience a taste of success in the world of business, having a dual specialization MBA is unquestionably going to provide a position.

In the world of business and changing technologies, the more versatile you’ll be, the higher the opportunities you’ll likely get. MBA Dual specialization program brings this tremendous opportunity for you to achieve your goals and get success. The people should understand the importance of the course and realize that these courses not only help in getting jobs but also in becoming an entrepreneur which is a very good opportunity for the students.

There is a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical experience and their personal development. You are equipped with the knowledge and experiences, which you’ll be able to use for your professional advancement. By reading this blog you will understand the importance of dual specialization and how the program is more employment-oriented and beneficial for the candidates.

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Overview of Dual Specialization Programme

When a student has an option to choose between two discrete specializations during an equivalent tenure of an MBA, it’s called a dual specialization program. It’s going to be fine that one of the courses is major and therefore the other is minor or they will be of equal weight. But in most dual specializations, both courses carry equal weight with a full curriculum for each being taught. At the end of your MBA, you’ll be equally competent in both specializations.

Dual specialization wasn’t so common a couple of years ago, but the trend changed, and it is the most popular course nowadays. The marketplace needs people with versatility that’s why more and more domains were merged in the dual specialization.

These specializations are a combination of two courses that complement each other very well, that allows the students to become all-rounded professionals who know more than one domain. So, if you’re serious about your career and want to become a professional, you should consider a dual specialization.

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Scope of MBA dual specialization

The business corporate world is a competitive place where MBA graduates need to stand out from the competition, for that a dual specialization MBA is the best way. Imagine you as a recruiter, whom would you hire, an MBA in logistics management, or an MBA in logistics management and operations. The simple answer is, you’ll hire a candidate who has two specializations. they can handle more responsibilities and produce their expertise to two areas of business.

  • Value for Money: MBA Dual Specialization has a much wider scope and offers a high value for money.
  • More Career Opportunities: MBA Dual specialization graduates have a wide range of opportunities in various sectors because of their dual degrees, as studying more than one specialization, would make them eligible for a variety of roles offered in the corporates and easily get a job.
  • Provides Versatility: Dual specialization MBA would spread the reason for students by working in different sectors, performing multiple tasks and responsibilities by being more versatile.
  • Higher Employer Demand: Candidates who are expertise in more than one field would be much preferred among the other employers once they are done with their program.
  • Competitive Edge: It is an advanced version of an MBA as it provides an extra edge to the graduates that add to the benefits of doing an MBA.

Advantages of MBA Dual Specialization Programme in India

The demand for dual specialization has spiked in recent years as it has so many advantages for various fields. Students have now begun realizing the various benefits of dual specialization. There is a clear advantage of MBA dual specialization over a regular MBA. Therefore, there is going to be a gradual rise in demand for dual specialization. Here are some advantages of dual specialization MBAs are:

  • Wide range of opportunities: A MBA dual specialization program opens a wide range of opportunities for graduate students. Since it offers two areas of expertise in its curriculum, it improves the probabilities of a graduate seeking a job thereby increasing the employability percentage. At the end of their degree, the students will be qualified in their field, well-equipped with the abilities and knowledge concerning their area of specialization. So while trying to find employment opportunities, one can apply to a wide variety of roles. 
  • Job Security: When you are skilled and have knowledge of more than one thing then you have got more chances to get employed and job security increases multifold. This may enhance your work performance besides ensuring job security against job cuts. Opting for two specializations helps you get the best of two worlds. you’ll be able to choose your favorite career path and still use the knowledge of other fields to boost your work performance. 
  • Networking: When you are in college, you get to study with people with different specializations. You have to make projects and case-studies with different people, or we can say your classmates with different subjects. The dual specialization of PGDM/MBA gives you clear exposure and a great opportunity to interact with various mentors, guides, students, and teachers. During the internship, or by meeting different people makes your network bigger and stronger. This gives a head start to the students towards the actual business world.
  • Market trends: The market place is shifting constantly. If you have one specialization, you might fall under the trap of market hampering and your chances as one sector may go down, but at the same time, another one might not. you can choose your dual specializations strategically so that you take the most advantage out of these marketing trends. 
  • Career shift: Most important advantage of dual specialization is making a (comparatively) smooth career shift. Let’s take an example, one decides to pursue MBA in Marketing and Finance. So, the candidates go on to work in sales and marketing. After a couple of years, candidates can make a shift to the finance domain. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. But with the dual specialization, they can make a shift as required, because they know both sections equally. You can easily make your career shift when you see a good opportunity. 
  • Enhances managerial skills: A dual specialization MBA program strategically develops the mind and helps the graduates to be more focused when it is related to gaining knowledge. The graduates tend to be more efficient problem-solvers and be prepared for hands-on experience and develop an intuitive understanding of one’s responsibilities. With advanced management skills, dual MBA graduates will be ready to grasp the nuances of the marketplace and generate a version of their understanding and thoughts which involves effective management.

Why IIS University is Best For MBA

IIS University is known to be one of the best universities in Jaipur. It aims to develop a combination of knowledge and skills to promote a modern outlook and a scientific temper and provide quality education for self-reliance. IIS University offers undergraduate courses, postgraduate specialised courses, career-oriented and skill development courses, and various more courses for the students.

IIS University is best for pursuing an MBA degree as it has MBA which is trimester-based & co-education, at the postgraduate level. The department offers MBA in Retail Management, Research Programmes- M.Phil. Ph.D., Carrier Oriented & Skill Development (COSD) Programme in Retail Management & Event Management.

The research interest of the faculty primarily lies in the fields of Marketing, Retail Management, Corporate Governance, International Business, Strategy & General Management, Computers & IT System, Finance, Human Resource, Accounting, Finance, QT, Research Methodology, etc.

It has now been deemed to be a university as it has provided greater autonomy in setting its educational agenda (courses, syllabus, teaching methodologies, etc.) as well as the authority to award degrees.

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