10 Best Career Options In Biotechnology

10 Best Career Options in Biotechnology After Graduation in Bio

When thinking about career options in biotechnology in India, a large number of students can see in pictures a scientist in a lab coat with a microscope in hand developing a lifesaving drug for the patient or some medical device.

As for the biotechnology career path, lab work is not the only option here there are many other options available to students for opting it their career options.

With many exciting discoveries has been going on in the biotechnology field also, it has successfully expanded its horizons.in many diverse areas for students to explore and enhance their career growth.

Now, this field is striving is going beyond medicines and is also want to penetrate its roots to other many relatable sectors and also have large scope in research and development area.

For job seekers, the biotech industry providing a large number of jobs to students and play a major role as the economic driver, generating a large amount of GDP.and generated a large no of employment for the youth of India and help them in opting for career options in biotechnology in India also giving jobs in research and development area, so we have a large no. Of scientists in our country have a high no. of innovations.

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10 Career Options in Biotechnology

As per the scenario, With the change in time we need for rapid innovation, this industry has scopes for jobs for our youth and your skills can help you in getting a fancy and higher level. jobs.

There are many career  options to choose from after graduating from biotechnology

1. Pursue post-graduation in biotechnology

The very first option you have to do post-graduation in biotechnology that can lead to a good advancement in your career as this field of biotechnology is acknowledged by a knowledge full department.

 Post-graduation will not only increase your knowledge about this field but it would increase the bag size of job opportunities in both the private and government sectors. After completing post-graduation in biotechnology, no of jobs you grasp also increased.

Now  You can eligible to apply for exams like GATE and CSIR NET through which you can pursue your higher education in a well-recognized university in India as well in foreign, in foreign also you have good opportunities in this field. You can also go to some prestigious institutions like IIS UNIVERSITY, which provides a good option for students to complete their post-graduation in biotechnology.

2. Work under a scientist

You can also work as an assistant researcher under a scientist doing his multiple projects which are related to the biotechnology field if you are discontinuing your studies/ postgraduation or planning to take a year off for getting practical knowledge then this the best option to go for.

This will give you the practical experience to work in laboratories and will help in enhancing your lab skills.

You won’t be a big salary income from this job, but that experience certificate will help you in the long term of your career. If you‘re a hard worker, you may also be promoted where you can conduct your experiments or research work, good work also make you the permanent researcher there.

3. Apply for a job in the private sector

Now in the biotechnology field, there are many job opportunities in the private sector also.

There is a large base of biotechnology industries and sectors. These private jobs seek biotechnology experts that are way too good to work for their companies.

The fresh biotech graduates can apply for a job in these sectors and can earn very well for their careers.

There is a list of some of the major recruiters include chemical and pharmaceutical industries, bioprocessing industries, cosmetic industries, companies associated with manufacturing and developing agricultural and biological products, some healthcare products producing companies and so on these companies provide jobs in many profiles also your skills and requirements you can opt for a job in those companies.

So if you are a company person, you can opt-out of these options once you are graduated.

4. Work as a laboratory technician/assistant

We can say, This can be one of the most convenient jobs you can settle on right after your graduation. There are many private as well as government universities and laboratories that look out for lab managers and technical assistants who can easily handle laboratory equipment and can perform laboratory tests or techniques, in universities they need lab technicians who can guide students for performing experiments and handling of labs.

While choosing this as a career option, you can also indulge yourself to do some lab work, working with specialized lab equipment and machines, and much more, this knowledge you can get by doing live project work or internship as a lab technician.

 The pay scale for this job is not expected much, but you can gain an ample amount of practical knowledge, as in every job knowledge matters.

5. Become an entrepreneur

As per the current scenario becoming an entrepreneur is one of the ambitions for young minds as the government also supports entrepreneurs and their startup innovation ideas. Starting something of your own and taking it to heights is one of the best career options in biotechnology in India students can opt for.

Also being a biotechnology student you can do a good performance in these fields. Like setting up your own company to design various drugs, developing RNA Therapies, storing cultures and cells for laboratories these all are good ideas for being an entrepreneur.

 So if you want to be your boss in life and work according to as per your availability and time. and not under a fixed schedule of 9-6 pm be an entrepreneur and run your own business.

If you want to be an entrepreneur will be an ideal job for you. You can get inspired by various startups that have been established in the work of research is also helpful for your career growth.

If you have original ideas, you can also get funded by the Indian government and can start your Biotech revolution as the government also taken initiative for supporting youth and their business for the growing economic development of the country.

6. Apply for the job of Sales in a Biopharma company

Biotechnology is a very diverse field having multiple opportunities in many areas, Being a Biotech graduate, doors are always open for the ones who wish to make their career in biotech companies, companies hire a large no of employees who are having the skills to work in a pharma company.

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There are various posts and opportunities provided for job seekers just after their graduation also they can Opting for non-scientific jobs like becoming a sales agent or medical representative will indulge your career in the field of biotechnology, it provides jobs in sakes in a pharmacy company.

7. Apply in the government sector

For skillful and talented students have multifold opportunities in the government sector also, There are various opportunities for the graduates to make their career in government sectors as well as pharmacist.

In India, Biotech developments are monitored under the Department of Biotechnology which is under the control of the Ministry of Science and Technology every year they come with many vacancies of jobs for skilled students.

Vacancies for various posts are always expected. In the government sector also students have many opportunities. you can also work in different research institutions or public health care centers and get a higher salary.

8. Get a job in research and development (R&D)

If you want to take a break for a year before going for postgraduation, you can get placed for a job in the Research and Development in India as our government very focused on the research and development area.

Working for R&D would be one of the best career options in biotechnology for the one who wants to grow their career in further research are like MSc or Ph.D.

You can get to know a lot about how research work is carried out by getting a job in the research and development area.

Also, if you are much dedicated to your work you will be regularly promoted to high positions and that will also increase your income so get a good career growth as per your skills.

9. Get a job in Intellectual Property Research and Patenting

We all have heard about copyright or patenting something which is your discovery, now people are research and make it patent on their own name.

By getting a job in this sector you “ll work with the agencies that manage to a patent of a discovery that is very helpful for you and your career.

You can start your career with the prominent patent firms of India so you can learn more.

In this field you” ll get to know about different laws which can help you in legal matters. Also, if you wish to go for a law degree, you can become a Biotech patent lawyer that is a very hood profession.

10. Be a teacher in an Organization/university

By getting graduated in Biotechnology you can also choose teaching as a career option that is one of the best career options a student has to be a teacher.

Being only a graduate student the only option is to teach in schools. But as if you complete a postgraduation program you can prepare to be a lecturer in universities you must have a Master’s degree along with the clearance of the exam NET (National Eligibility Test) that is mandatory for being an assistant professor position Ph.D. is mandatory.

So if you are passionate about teaching, you can settle as a teacher or a lecturer in your future by completing your Ph.D.

IIS UNIVERSITY Biotechnology programs are designed in such a way to give the perfect boost in the career of a student to achieve your full potential and have a higher career growth.

Over the last many years, IIS University has successfully developed its biotechnology course through its well-researched curriculum, renowned faculty, cutting-edge technology, and close industry & academic partnerships. They so provide good placement in Top companies to their students.

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