Importance of Industrial Visits for Students

Benefits Of Industrial Visits

Industrial visit has its importance for students whether they are in colleges or even in schools. Industrial visit is now considered as a part of curriculum activities for the development of the students. Its main aim is to provide students an insight into the internal working of companies in the corporate world. There are various Benefits of Industrial Visits. Students get a chance to learn something outside the college walls.

It provides students a chance to learn practically from theoretical knowledge through interaction, working methods, and employment practices in large industries. It gives exposure to current work practices against possibly theoretical knowledge being taught at school or in colleges. Industrial visits provide a wonderful opportunity to interact with industries and know more about the industrial environment, how the machines are working, and which principles they work for.

Industrial visits are arranged by colleges for the students to provide an opportunity to explore different sectors in which the students are passionate about it, Manufacturing, services, finance, and marketing. Industrial visit helps to mix theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge in a good way. Hence, Industrial realities are opened to the students through industrial visits.

All About industrial Visit

While studying in college before, theoretical classes are so boring, to balance the situation and keep it more interesting practical knowledge has been introduced. Nowadays practical and other curricular activities are included in the part of the syllabus so that students can study more diligently. Similarly, an Industrial visit is a type of practical knowledge that introduces us to the working world. Before proceeding, we need to know what the industrial visit is.

What is the Industrial Visit?

Industrial visit is considered to be the most tactical method of teaching. A student pursuing a particular degree will be taken to companies or industries associated with their branch.

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There the students will get to know the procedures, processes, work environment, management efforts taking place in the industry. The main reason behind this is, it lets students understand things practically through interaction with the industrial environment, working methods, and employment practices.

Moreover, it gives exposure from the academic point of view to the students. The main aim of industrial visits \ Educational trips is to give exposure to the students about the practical working environment with theoretical learning. They provide students a good opportunity to achieve full awareness about industrial practices and working.

Through industrial visits, students get to know about the latest technologies. Technology development could be the main factor, about which students should have a piece of good knowledge in their fields. Visiting different companies helps students to make a good relationship with those companies.

We all know building relationships with companies has always been good because it helps to get a good job in the future. After visiting an industry, students will have a combined knowledge about both theory and practical. Students will be more concerned about getting employment after undertaking an industrial visit.

12 benefits of Industrial Visits for Students?

An industrial visit gives students a brief knowledge about what they are interested in, the students will get to know the working environment in the industries, their processing, how machines are working, interact with the workers, and many more. Industrial visits give greater clarity about current trends in the market, the future scenario of the industry, and the latest technologies, as students now practically experience how these concepts are put into action. Here are 12 benefits of Industrial visits for students.

1. Helps students to understand the functioning of the industry:

As a student, we don’t know about the machinery, if we are studying engineering then the industrial visit is mandatory to us, but if we are achieving any normal degree, so for us industrial visit could be a life-changer because that teaches us what our interest is in.

The students get to know the functioning of the industry, how the machine parts work, what principles they follow, how much time it will take to complete the process, how the workers manage the work properly. These are some important parts that a student will learn in their industrial visit.

2. Provides an insight into the real working environment:

College life and Working life are different. In college life, you don’t have any pressure of doing work in time except studies. But in working life, you have to complete your work in time.

Industrial visits provide students an insight into the real working environment, workstations, plants, assembly lines, machines, systems, and interact with highly trained and experienced personnel. Students get to learn a lot of things that will help in their development and also for the future.

3. Provides an opportunity to plan, organize and engage things:

Industries are working on rules and regulations. They have a proper time set for every work. This is a good opportunity for the students to learn how to make plans and how to complete them before the deadline. Interaction with the industry members will let them know about their work and how they organize their whole work and make progress.

For doing any work whether it is related to work, schools, or some homework, planning is most important. We need to plan things and work accordingly. Same as in the industries, they have planned the whole day and divide the work so that it gets completed on time.


4. A good opportunity to interact with the experts:

Industrial visits provide students a very big opportunity to meet industry experts, professionals, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and corporates who share their wisdom, learning, and experiences.

These interactions are useful to students in their career and help them in developing leadership qualities, management skills, and study the industry working which helps them to get a good job in future.

Industry interaction is also helpful in updating the curriculum when there are some changes in prevalent technologies; as we all know the technology is changing remarkably, so we would have to adopt new technology.  The college students, faculty members get to grasp the knowledge about the industry’s latest trends with the latest technologies.

5. Helps to enhance their interpersonal skills:

Industrial visits also known as Educational trips help the students to enhance their interpersonal skills, communication skills, and teamwork abilities. These visits have lots of benefits, time and again, proved to be a wonderful platform for networking as the students get to interact and connect with the corporates in the real world.

These educational/ industrial trips also help the students to identify their learning towards their field and can choose their future work areas like marketing, finance, operations, IT, HR, etc. Students should never miss the opportunity of industrial visit as it plays a crucial role in their life.

6. Developed Confidence:

It is a new experience for a student, they learn various things about the machines, processing, management and get a chance to interact with the industrial members. These all are a kind of activities that will develop your self-confidence in public and the real working world. Industry visit is something that will teach you and will make you have fun at the same time.

Communication develops relationships and relationships develop confidence. While interacting with the team leader, professional, HR, a different kind of confidence develops in you, which is very beneficial for you and your career.

7. Learning Experience:

Industrial tours to industries provide a chance for college students to visualize and experience real workstations, plants, machines, assembly lines, systems, and interact with highly trained and experienced personnel. This practical learning experience is important for the students who studied theory only and are unaware of a real production plant’s daily workings.

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So, it is a very big opportunity for the students to live the practical life in one day in their college life. The students will find out about company policies in terms of production, quantity & quality, service management, and acquaint themselves with the working of instruments during the course curriculum.

8. Helps to understand the dos and don’ts of the industrial practice:

Every one has pros and cons whether we are human or a machine or a company, pros, and cons, do and don’ts or advantage and disadvantage happens all the time. The most important thing is to understand what and where the problem is.

Similarly, In Industrial visits, they help you to understand the do and don’ts of the industrial practice so that in the future if you are working in an industry you will remember the do and don’ts and will repeat the don’ts. Educational tours are a life changer if you professionally take that.

9. A Free day from the college:

Who doesn’t want a holiday from their daily schedule? Well! Industrial visits are crucial educational trips that help to enhance the development of a student with fun. These kinds of educational trips provide the students a much-needed break from the same old melancholic theory classes, and the students get an opportunity to engage in fun learning.

The students get an opportunity to learn something beyond the walls of their college. While visiting the students can experience endless talks, bus games, friendly conversations with faculty members, and chit-chat with their favorite teachers, these all make students see a new caring side of their teachers, which may be a fun and learning experience at the same time.

10. The Industrial visit makes student’s choices easier:

With the help of industry visits, the students can decide in which field they want to work whether they want to become an entrepreneur, HR, IT department, Manager, or other posts.

The students will get to know their interests and will provide a ladder so that they can climb the ladder step by step and achieve their goals. Industrial visits broaden the outlook of students with exposure to the working environment.

11. Learn Management:

During the industrial visits, the students get a chance to experience and learn to manage what professionals live, study various management concepts like ‘Just In Time’ or Lean manufacturing, and the way they’re put into action. It’s very challenging to manage hundreds of skilled and unskilled workers at the same time and meet the stringent quality norms and production targets of the company.

How managers, production engineers, employees work in tandem to attain a standard target is a management lesson in itself. and thus, such exposure during the industrial visit is kind of beneficial for MBA and students.

12. Enhanced Employability:

Industrial visits play an important role in increasing networking opportunities while building a good relationship with companies. These kinds of trips developed confidence in students. For college students, such trips open many doors for corporate training and internships, which successively increase the students’ employability.

Students do wonders in their interviews as they know about the functioning of industries because of Industrial visits. Many times, several students may offer PPOs as a result of fruitful interaction between the company’s HR and students. Hence, an industrial visit is very important for all the students.

IIS University is considered to be one of the best colleges in Jaipur as it regularly organizes Industrial trips for the students to supplement the classroom learning with practical learning exposure. With the help of industrial visits, students can gain practical insights into industry operations and be ready for the outside world.

IIS University interestingly believes in learning and teaching so that all the attention of the students should be spent in education and then they can study diligently. IIS University left no students Unnurtured from holistic development by giving them their best facilities so that each student gains high self-esteem, more knowledge, and grows stronger in their career.


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