Exploring Career Paths: Best Options for Girls After 12th Science

best career options after 12th science for girl

Finishing 12th grade in Science opens up exciting job options for girls. Science isn’t just about facts; it teaches us to think smart and be creative. This mix of skills can take us to cool jobs in different areas.

Are you a girl who loves Science and wonders what’s next after 12th grade?

It can be puzzling, but don’t worry! In this blog, we’ll delve into the 7 best career options available for girls after finishing 12th-grade Science. Whether your interests lie in medicine, technology, or research, we’ve gathered valuable insights to guide you.

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And for those who are still processing which career option is best after 12th with science, the details in this blog below are at your rescue. Scroll down to explore the best career options after 12th science for girls! 

7 Best Career Options for 12th Science-Passed Girls

1. B.Sc. Hons. Forensic Science

This course is all about applying scientific methods to solve crimes. It covers various aspects of criminal investigations, from analysing DNA to examining poisons and scrutinising crime scenes for vital clues.

Why Opt for Forensic Science:

For girls inclined towards science and intrigued by problem-solving, this course offers an exciting pathway. It hones skills in attention to detail and methodical thinking, essential in unravelling complex crime puzzles.

Career Opportunities:

Upon completion, numerous career avenues await. Graduates can step into roles like forensic scientists, crime scene investigators, or laboratory analysts. Their responsibilities involve contributing significantly to solving crimes and ensuring justice.

Enhancing Skills and Career Prospects:

Throughout the course, students enhance their skills and knowledge in Forensic Science. Graduates find opportunities in both government and private sectors, with roles ranging from Forensic Medical Officers to Fingerprint Analysts and Forensic Psychologists.

Course Structure Highlights:

In the first year, foundational subjects in English, languages, and core studies are covered. As the course progresses, students delve deeper into various domains related to Forensic Science.

2. B.Sc. Hons. Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Course Insights:

This course is an extensive study of data analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI). It focuses on teaching students how to interpret and effectively utilise large sets of data.

Why Choose Data Analytics and AI:

For girls inclined towards science and strong in maths and problem-solving, this course offers an exciting path! It’s about understanding vast amounts of data and using it intelligently.

Career Opportunities:

Completing this course opens doors to various career paths. You could work in tech firms, research organisations, or big companies as a data analyst, AI developer, or machine learning engineer. Your role will involve leveraging smart technology to drive growth and innovation.

Insight into the Programme:

The Data Analytics and AI programme aims to familiarise students with critical technologies like artificial intelligence, data mining, and machine learning. Graduates emerge equipped for careers in healthcare, business, e-commerce, and more.

The curriculum transforms students into data scientists capable of making impactful decisions using data-driven insights.

Course Structure Highlights:

Beginning with foundational courses and an internship in the first year, the programme progresses to advanced subjects and practical projects. Throughout, students develop skills in data analysis and AI applications.

Programme Details:

This comprehensive programme spans three years, divided into six semesters, each packed with enriching learning experiences!

3. B.Sc. Fashion Design

Course Insight:

Fashion design goes beyond just creativity; it involves understanding materials, and design principles, and staying updated with market trends. This course harmonises artistic vision with practical design skills.

Why Choose Fashion Design:

For girls with a science background, merging creative skills with material understanding, this course is an ideal fit! It encompasses new and contemporary fashion design through a blend of creative vision and practical expertise.

Career Opportunities:

Upon graduation, a multitude of career pathways await. Graduates can step into roles as fashion designers, stylists, or enter the field of fashion merchandising, bringing fresh perspectives to the industry.

Insights into the Programme:

Fashion Design course is structured to offer professional education, integrating the latest technology and industry practices. The focus lies in developing designs that are both functional and aesthetically appealing while nurturing awareness about entrepreneurship, marketing, and evolving trends in fashion design.

Course Structure Highlights:

Starting with foundational courses in Environmental Science and Communication/General Hindi, the programme progresses into core subjects and specialised areas like apparel quality control, creative textiles, and fashion accessories.

Programme Details:

This comprehensive three-year programme spans six semesters, providing a rich blend of theoretical learning and practical activities tailored for aspiring fashion designers.

4. B.Sc. Jewellery Design & Technology

Insight into the Course:

B.Sc in Jewellery Design and Technology course is a fascinating blend of creativity and technical know-how. It teaches the intricate art of jewellery making, exploring materials and gemstones alongside design principles.

Why Choose Jewellery Design & Technology: 

For those with a science background, this course is a perfect blend! Understanding materials deeply, combined with creative skills, helps in crafting exquisite and innovative jewellery pieces.

Career Opportunities:

Graduates step into diverse roles within jewellery design, manufacturing, and gemology. Their blend of technical understanding and creative flair opens up exciting career avenues.

Programme Highlights:

The course is designed to nurture professionals skilled in creativity, entrepreneurship, technology, and market awareness, vital in the ever-evolving fashion industry.

Course Structure Overview:

Starting with foundational language and computer skills, students gradually delve into core subjects, participate in extracurricular activities, and pursue certifications and diplomas.

Detailed Programme Information:

This comprehensive programme spans multiple years, covering a mix of fundamental and specialised courses, offering a rich learning experience for aspiring jewellery designers.

5. B.Sc. Hons. Home Science

Course Overview:

Home Science is a diverse field encompassing nutrition, health, resource management, and human development. It offers a holistic understanding of household management, focusing on wellness and effective resource utilisation.

Why Choose Home Science:

For science stream students, the knowledge of biology and chemistry finds practical application in understanding nutrition and health within Home Science. This connection makes it a practical and meaningful choice.

Career Opportunities:

Graduates have abundant prospects in nutrition and dietetics, family resource management, and consultancy in wellness sectors. The course equips individuals to manage households effectively and promote wellness in communities.

Insight into the Programme:

This course adopts a multidisciplinary approach, covering nutrition, health, resource management, and human development. It provides a robust foundation for holistic household management and wellness.

Course Structure Highlights:

Starting with foundational courses in Computer Applications and Environmental Studies, progressing to Information Technology, Environmental Conservation, General Studies, and Entrepreneurship and Management in later semesters.

Programme Details:

Structured into parts, the course offers a comprehensive curriculum blending foundational and advanced subjects. It empowers students with a broad understanding of Home Science, preparing them for diverse career paths.

6. B.Com. Hons. (Applied Accounting and Finance) Accredited by ACCA, UK

Course Overview:

This course covers a lot about accounting and finance and comes with a special accreditation from ACCA, which is a big deal globally. It’s a great start for a career in finance.

Why Choose This Course:

For girls who like numbers and solving problems (especially those who studied science), this course can be a perfect match. It helps develop skills needed for accounting and finance jobs.

Job Opportunities:

Completing this course can lead to jobs in finance, accounting, auditing, and financial advice around the world. The ACCA accreditation makes it easier to find good jobs in finance.

More About the Course:

This special course is recognised by ACCA, a big international body for accountants. It’s designed to fit what’s needed to start a career in accounting and finance globally.

What Makes It Stand Out:

Apart from a degree, students also get prepared for ACCA exams. There are chances to earn extra certificates like International Financial Reporting Standards and other diplomas related to finance.

Because of the partnership with ACCA, students get some exemptions in their ACCA exams and even save on fees.

Course Structure:

The course includes different subjects, some activities to choose from, and certificates about International Business. There are also optional diplomas that you can do if you clear the exams at each stage.

7. B.B.A. (Aviation and Tourism Management)

Course Overview:

This course, BBA in Aviation and Tourism Management, integrates the technical aspects of aviation with proficient management skills, preparing students for the vibrant and evolving aviation and tourism industry.

Why Choose This Course:

The BBA in Aviation and Tourism Management is a compelling choice for those seeking a blend of scientific principles from the science stream along with management expertise.

It offers a comprehensive understanding of aviation technology paired with efficient management skills, providing a lucrative career path in this dynamic industry.

Job Opportunities:

Upon completion, graduates can explore diverse roles within the aviation and tourism sector such as airline management, airport operations, tourism management, and other related fields. This course offers a plethora of global career opportunities in these sectors.

More About the Course:

This course is designed to equip students with industry-specific knowledge crucial for excelling in the aviation and tourism sectors. It focuses on imparting practical skills, developing a comprehensive understanding of industry trends, and honing management abilities required for a thriving career in this field.

What Makes It Stand Out:

The course stands out due to its application-oriented approach, combining theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience. It emphasizes overall personality development, providing insights into the global aviation and tourism industries.

Course Structure:

The BBA in Aviation and Tourism Management is structured with a combination of foundational courses, core subjects, specialized electives, and skill enhancement programmes. The curriculum is designed to encompass various aspects of aviation, tourism, and management, ensuring a holistic learning experience for students.

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Conclusion: Best Career Options After 12th Science for Girl

Picking the right job path after finishing 12th-grade science is a big deal. It’s important to choose something that fits your interests and skills. These seven career options we talked about offer different ways to use science skills and be creative. Whether you like solving puzzles in forensic science or designing jewellery and clothes, there’s something for everyone.

At IIS University, they offer expert-led courses like forensic science, fashion design, jewellery design, and more. They help students learn and get ready for careers in these fields. IIS University is all about making students successful in these awesome areas.

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