Exploring the 11 Best Career Options After Graduation

Best Career Option After Graduation

With the advancement in technology, the job market is also expanding. There are numerous career options after graduation for the students to opt for. Many students often face the dilemma of pursuing higher studies or seeking a job. Well, there’s a cutthroat competition to establish yourself in the professional world in today’s time. 

Since so many career opportunities and job positions are available, understanding what choice to make can often be confusing. But how do you understand which is the best career option after graduation?

It completely depends on what course you’ve completed during graduation and which institute you were enrolled in! IIS Univerity is one of the best institutes, offering a wide range of courses in Arts, Science, and Commerce to help students with a holistic learning experience. 

So, let us help you find some of the best courses according to their streams and finalise which suits the best to your interests! 

What are the Best Career Option After Graduation? 

When choosing the best career option after graduation in India, you must identify your strengths, interests, skills and passions. Knowing yourself can play a significant role in making selection easier for you. 

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It surely can be overwhelming to go through a long list of careers and eventually make the right choice:

1. Digital Marketing

digital marketing artwork on brown wooden surface

Digital marketing is the future. Establishing a digital marketing career can be a great choice as brands move digital. If you want to work online, this field offers many learning opportunities. The demand for professional digital marketers has increased significantly in the past few years. 

You can apply for several roles in the digital marketing field, such as social media manager, content manager, search engine optimization specialist, and media analyst.

If you opt for a post-graduate diploma, consider short-term courses. You can get various certifications and internships across the market through these courses. 

2. Chartered Accountancy

person holding paper near pen and calculator

Chartered Accountancy is one of the best career options after graduation in Commerce. You must appear for the CA exam conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants. You must pass three stages of the exam to become a CA: the Common Proficiency Test (CPT), the Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC) and the final exam. 

Clearing the CA exam is a challenging task. Therefore, it is advisable to thoroughly practice before clearing the final exam. After completing the IPCC’s first section, consider applying for an articleship period wherein you must work with a registered CA for two to three years.

After the articles, you must appear for the final exam, which would require clearing two sections. However, you must possess at least two years of experience to become a certified CA. 

3. Master of Technology (MTech)

Mtech best career option after graduation in Science

You should consider applying for MTech if you’ve enjoyed engineering during graduation. As one of the best career options after graduation in Science, MTech is inclined significantly towards engineering and technology.

The duration of MTech is two years. However, if you’re applying for MTech, you should complete a BTech degree first. 

Numerous reputed universities in India offer MTech courses with job opportunities across different fields. If you’re pursuing a degree in MTech, you can brush up your engineering skills.

Some prominent career opportunities you can get hold of include Senior Engineer, Software Developer, Data Analyst, Research Analyst and Mechanical Engineer. 

4. Civil Services

Civil Services best career options after graduation

Civil services are one of the best career options after graduation in Arts. If you are passionate about serving your career, this career trajectory can be helpful for you. Although it is challenging, it is worth the wait.

Taking the civil services exam will help you secure one of the many job positions within the government. Applying for civil services will help to have a proper work-life balance. 

To secure a job in Civil services, you must appear for the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam. Now, to crack the UPSC exam, you must prepare thoroughly.

You can listen to lectures, stay updated with current affairs and read various books to gain more knowledge about History, Civics, Geography and Politics. The salary for a civil services position is quite high, along with various additional benefits. 

5. Product Manager

Product Manager best career options after graduation

Product management is in high demand in today’s time. From the inception to the launch of a product, an entire team of product management is required to deliver the best services.

In today’s time, many graduate students consider Product Management as the best career option after graduation. As a product manager, you must ensure that the product is well-researched and has proper ergonomics. 

After completing your graduation, you can take a course on Product management. These courses will help enhance your skills and learn how to manage and launch a product in today’s competitive time.

As a result, you’d learn how to perform the tasks and complete them within the timeframe. 

6. Hotel Management

best career options after graduation Hotel Management

If you’ve been interested in hospitality, you can always opt for Hotel Management after graduation. You can join any hotel and watch your career progress or do a course from any prestigious organisation.

Hotel management is an ever-green industry that offers professionals fast growth opportunities. Once you enter hotel management, you can work across different departments and hone your skills. 

After securing a position in the hotel management industry, you should understand your preferences. Your responsibilities will include various tasks like housekeeping staff, keeping a check on the front desk, and managing the culinary division.

You can eventually get promoted to higher management positions depending on your secure position. After gaining experience, you can apply for hotels nationally and internationally. 

7. Biotechnology Researcher

Biotechnology Researcher best career options after graduation

Often hailed as the best career option after graduation in Science, becoming a Biotechnology Researcher will provide many learning and growth opportunities. As a Biotech Researcher, you must work with people and animals daily.

With continuous research, you’d have to work with agricultural organisations and pharmaceutical companies to promote the organisation. 

As a Biotech researcher, you must genetically modify plants and create new medical treatments. They come up with various technologies to develop alternative methods of treatment.

If you want to become a Biotech researcher, along with your bachelor’s degree, you’d also need a master’s degree. This is mostly because you need to develop technological knowledge as well. 

8. Human Resources

best career options after graduation Human Resources

Right after graduation, one of the most efficient career options you can opt for is Human Resources. As an HR specialist, your responsibilities would be managing employee relations, recruitment, training, and development. In every organisation, HR has a significant role, especially in management.

Therefore, there is no denying that as an HR professional, you will receive various growth opportunities within the organisation. 

You can become a Human Resource specialist after completing your BA or even pursuing an MA. For better career opportunities in this field, consider pursuing a full-fledged MBA course in HR.

This will also play an important role in enhancing your career in the human resource management area. If you want to specialise in a particular sector in this area, you can also opt for specialisation courses and then move to establish your career. 

9. Data Analyst

Data Analyst best career options after graduation

Data analysts and data scientists are in high demand in India’s growing tech and eCommerce sector. Thus, to establish a stable and successful career while earning good money, you should consider choosing Data Analyst as a potential career option.

As a data analyst, you must analyse big data sets and extract meaning about the same. Furthermore, you will have to make data-driven decisions while developing predictive models. 

One of the most efficient parts about becoming a data analyst/scientist is that you can also establish this career with a BA degree. You must have some basic programming and coding language knowledge to enhance your career in this field.

Some technologies you need to be familiar with include Python, MS Excel, Hadoop, Tableau and MySQL. Even with a BA degree, you can take a Data Science certification and establish your career in this field. 

10. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer best career options after graduation

If you’ve always been inclined towards the creative field, especially digital design, you can choose graphic design as your career option.

Undoubtedly, this can be the best career option after graduation if you’re interested in design and art. You can create visual content as a graphic designer, especially across marketing materials. 

To become a successful graphic designer, you will need to be familiar with colour theory, fonts, design principles and different layout techniques.

Furthermore, you must be proficient in using different tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and more. If you are starting out, you can start your career by learning the basics from Canva. You can either become a full-time graphic designer or a freelancer. Either way, the pay in this field is extremely good. 

11. Market Research Analyst

Market Research Analyst best career options after graduation

Considering the changing dynamics in the market, many organisations are often looking for a professional market research analyst.

Therefore, it is a reliable career option after graduation in India, providing higher pay and stability. As a market research analyst, you can establish your organisation or work with a company. 

The payscale is exceptionally good as a Market Research Analyst in India. As a market research analyst, you must study the market trends and consumer behaviour and perform competitor analysis to make efficient business decisions.

However, you must be proficient with the different research tools and methods to excel in your field. 


The expanding job market and rise of various fields are giving everyone the option to choose from the best career option after graduation. The students no longer have to stay stuck to limited job opportunities and can explore the different fields as per their interest.

Moreover, most of these jobs are high-paying and stable, thereby ensuring a secure future in the coming times. Once you become familiar with using online tools and methods, many of these jobs will become easier. 

For all those who are struggling to find the best institute to assist them with lucrative career options, experts at IIS University will help you. Whether you’re looking for career options in arts, commerce or science, their wide range of courses provide the best options to under-graduates and post-graduates. 

So, you no longer have to worry about limited career opportunities, for there are many. So, learn more about these job opportunities and establish your career accordingly! Connect with the experts at IIS University now to know more!

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