Lab Safety Rules for Students: A Must-Know Guide

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Are you gearing up for a laboratory session? Safety should always be your top priority. Here are essential lab safety rules every student should follow:

Commit to following the safety rules and norms set by your university. Remember, in case of accidents, the university won't be held responsible.

University Guidelines

No lab coat, no entry! Always wear a lab coat when entering any lab.

Lab Coat Mandatory:

Safety first! Always wear safety gloves to protect your hands.

Glove Up

Don't forget those safety goggles! Shield your eyes from potential hazards.

Goggle Up

Before leaving the laboratory, ensure your work station is clean and organized.

Leave No Trace

Keep solids out of the sink to prevent clogs and mishaps.

Solids Out of Sink

Dress appropriately, including suitable footwear. Safety starts with your attire.

Sensible Clothing

Long hair must be tied back to avoid accidents.

Tame Your Hair

Don't expose sparks, open flames, or heating elements to organic solvent vapors.

Mind the Sparks

Never pipette with your mouth; use pipette bulbs for safety.

Use Pipette Bulbs

Remember, adhering to these lab safety rules ensures a secure and productive laboratory experience. Your safety matters!

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